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A single-serve, filling, low carb cookie. I use my toaster oven to bake.  
Easy homemade mayo. Cheaper than storebought 'natural' mayo by a long shot. The optional whey left over from yogurt making preserves the mayo. Mayo made with whey will keep for 2-3 months in the fridge.
A long time favourite. Easily modified.
Pizza crust made of CHEESE!!
Low carb replacement for flour in baking recipes. Coconut flour is thirsty so likely to need more liquid than called for.
2/3 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup broth 1/3 cup rice vinegar 2 Tbsp. sugar (originally 3.5) 1 Tbsp. sesame oil 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 tablespoon minced ginger whisk in 2 Tbsp. cornstarch
I've modified this from the 'old family' recipe my Kashmiri roommate taught me. This is really easy but takes about an hour.
Low-carb and super yummy.
Low fat, made with oatmeal (?!)