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Low fat, hearty rice-and-bean hash with tomatoes and corn. Up the protein with a scoop of Greek yogurt.
Low-fat lentil loaf.
Low fat. Quinoa, tempeh and red beans.
Low-fat. Serve over baked yam halves to make burrito boats. Add greek yogurt for extra protein, and top with chopped pepper, green onion, corn kernels, cilantro, lime juice, and salsa of course.
Low-fat, healthy carb.
Low-fat fritatta using egg whites and a small amount of Parmesan cheese.
A great side dish for a low carb meal. Don't be afraid to add fat! Serve with spicy mayo or ketchup for dipping if you like.
Low carb. Use whatever non-starchy vegetables you like, like dark leafy greens, artichokes, sundried tomatoes, peppers, onions, sliced mushrooms, pitted olives. Don't be afraid to add fat.